Aryaz Team Leaders

Aryaz takes very seriously the importance of conscious leadership wanting to bring consciousness, authenticity and caring to our teams. We try to lead from a place of trust and responsibility, as well as curiosity, integrity and ease. We work hard to create an environment where ‘we win all’. We place a high priority on our values and our commitment to service.


Peyman Sakhitabe

As Aryaz’ co-founder and CEO, Peyman devotes his time to manage closely the development of our products and company affairs. He has a solid track record of more than 14 years as an IT expert delivering projects in GIS, Defence, Energies, Risk & Finance space ranging from BNP Paribas and HSBC to a wider consultancy / project based clientele covering a wide variety of technologies such as cloud based web platforms, business intelligence systems, regulatory reporting, fleet control and airline booking engines.



Aaron Ayala

As Aryaz’ co-founder and COO, Aaron devotes his time exploring how software enables companies to work more efficiently. Before launching Aryaz, he worked for over 10 years in the health and social care sector; children, youth, vulnerable adults and mental health. Skilled with PRINCE2 and other Project Management accreditations. His primary responsibilities over the past years have been focused on analysing and proposing improvements on companies processes through innovative solutions that would tackle inefficiencies.



Vida Ebrahimnezhad

Vida has spent most of her career delivering UX solution and designs for all sort of industries. Her creative mind combined with technical skills has allowed her to infuse beauty and usability in all our solutions. Her main responsibility at Aryaz is to make sure that every step of the users experience throughout Aryaz solutions are intuitive and engaging.


Hoomaan Missaghi

Hoomaan has 20 years Commercial and Procurement experience in the Mining, Investment Banking and IT sector. He drives our sales team and focuses in the expansion of our main products.


Miria Papasofroniou

Miria has spent most of her career working in the supported housing sector, developing programmes and trainings for organization to support their clients toward developing skills to move into independent living. Now, as Head of the Consulting Team at Aryaz, she devotes her time providing supported housing ideas to our development team and helping them to integrate these into our software solutions.


Friends for over 20 years, Aaron and Peyman identified the need to develop a unique software solution for the Supported Housing Sector. But not just a generic solution as many in the market, a highly customizable solution that would meet not only the needs and requi- rements of the sector but also the uniqueness of each company, helping companies to optimise the day to day business needs and thrive by spending less time in logistics and operations, and focusing on what really matters.

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